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Jamielynn Dailey-Riggs (SHE, HER) Professional Counselor Associate

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I am a Professional Counseling Associate, Eating Disorder Specialist, Couples and Individual Therapist for adults, teens, and adolescents. I am particularly passionate about working with women, college aged students and individuals navigating life transitions.


I am experienced in helping individuals develop the necessary coping skills and obtain the resources needed to overcome eating disorders, anxiety, and stress. I am here to provide a safe, trusting, non-judgmental environment for adults, teens, and adolescents to collaboratively determine what their goals might be and how to meet them. I am comfortable holding space for those who are grieving or processing traumatic events and experiences. I work to create a space where people feel safe, cared for, respected, and welcomed to explore the deeper layers of their experiences and the impact on their lives now.

Using Play Therapy, Person Centered care, Mindfulness approaches, and Holistic and Strengths-Based concepts, I create plans with my clients for reaching goals for deep and meaningful healing and change.


I hold a Master of Arts in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis & Clark, including a Certificate to treat Eating Disorders and a BA in Psychology from Oregon State University.

(Clinical Supervisor - Rachel Cazavilan, LPC License C4733)

How I Can Help

 Eating Disorders | Life transitions | Depression | Anxiety

Couples work | PTSD | Grief | Women's Issues | Self-Esteem 

Adolescent & Teen Issues | College & Academic Challenges

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