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Julie Phillippe (SHE/HER)
Clinical Social Work Associate

Photo of Julie Phillippe

I am a Clinical Social Work Associate, a social welfare community advocate, and an individual Therapist. 

I see adolescent, teen, and young adult individuals who seek support for  stress, anxiety and depression, familial hardship, and challenging life changes.

I am experienced in helping young individuals navigate the effects of trauma - including PTSD, neurodevelopment disorders, attachment disorders, anxiety, and depression. I have worked with children in the residential setting at Jasper Mountain Center and have served the community in many capacities including foster and adoption support and aid for those who have experienced domestic violence.

Life can be stressful and overwhelming and it is my privilege to be a a judgement-free support and guide. I help young people sort through a variety of complex emotions in a safe and welcoming space with the goal of identifying the right tools to experience success.

I hold a Masters of Social Work from Arizona State University and a BE in Family and Human Services from the University of Oregon. (Clinical Supervisor – Althea Herrell, LCSW #L5505)

How I Can Help 

Depression | Anxiety | Life Transitions | Difficulties with Self-Esteem | Stress Management | School and Social Issues | Trauma Processing

Foster and Adoption Support | Grief, Loss, and Bereavement 

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