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Kaia Stamiris, (SHE/THEY)
Professional Counselor Associate

Photo of Kaia Stamiris

I am a Professional Counseling Associate and I work with individuals experiencing stress, isolation, depression, anxiety, addictions, relational problems, developmental trauma, and PTSD.

I’m grateful to live in a time where work is being done to de-stigmatize the experience of these states, as they are indeed a universal part of the human condition. My approach is grounded in relational-cultural theory: I believe that all humans have a need for connection, and that learning what pushes us toward or away from connection can be deeply meaningful and provide insight into our patterns of relationship. My style is supportive and collaborative, and it takes into consideration cultural context as well as your relationship to self.  I have deep respect for your unique process of growth and am honored to be a witness and a guide.

The modalities I use include Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, and Mindfulness techniques.  I have a Master of Arts in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis and Clark College with a specialization in addictions (2020), and a BA in Psychology from the University of Oregon (2001).

(Clinical Supervisor - Rachel Cazavilan, LPC License C4733)

How I Can Help

Stress | Isolation | Depression | Anxiety | PTSD | Addictions Others Affected by Addiction | Relationship Issues

Developmental Trauma | LGBTQ+ Affirming.

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