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Consultation and Supervision

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

What is it?
Clinical supervision is a process by which a licensed mental health professional offers support and oversight to a trainee mental health professional. A supervisor acts as a guide to provide clinical knowledge and experience, support, consultation, and other forms of support to assist you with your development as a mental health professional. Supervisors also act in a gatekeeping capacity to ensure that each mental health trainee is conducting themselves professionally, ethically, and legally.
Consultation is a similar process by which a licensed mental health professional offers information, expertise, or advice to another licensed mental health professional or an organization. In this process the consultant and consultee will identify consultation goals and co-create a plan to reach those goals.


How you know if Consultation or Supervision is for you?

  • You are a pre-licensed or associate-level clinician

  • You are an independently-licensed clinician

  • You are an organization seeking the expertise and knowledge of a therapist

  • Your are an organization seeking training on a certain topic related to mental health

What you can expect?
In your initial session with your supervisor/consultant where you discuss your professional goals for yourself or your team, areas of strength and growth, working roles, and other important information about your practice. From there, your supervisor/consultant will work with you on co-creating a plan to meet those goals...meeting as often as is helpful to help you grow your practice. 

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