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tayler thompson (THEY/THEM)
(lowercase intentional)

Professional Counselor Associate

photo of tayler thompson

I am a Professional Counselor Associate, an educator, a doctoral candidate, a consultant, and a meditation and yoga teacher.  My work is to walk with people as they return home to themselves and their place in the world. 


In all areas of life, including my work as a therapist, I aim to embody an orientation toward collective liberation.  The mental health industry is deeply influenced by white supremacy, capitalism and colonialism. As a white, queer, gender-resistant, liberation-oriented therapist, I aim to disrupt and dismantle those oppressive systems as they exist within me and in the larger society.  


I incorporate decolonial, abolitionist, and transformative justice frameworks into my work with teens and adults, as they attend sessions individually and with others in their family and/or community.  In order to address the overwhelming effects of systemic inequities and intergenerational traumas, my work with clients will explore how community, society, systemic oppressions, and intergenerational traumas factor into one’s lived experiences and understandings.  This includes the ways that these experiences manifest in our lives as anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns we carry.


I earned my Master’s in Counseling Psychology in 2015 and my Master’s in Depth Psychology with a focus in Community, Liberation, Indigenous, and Ecopsychologies in 2021. I am currently a doctoral candidate in Depth Psychology with a focus in Community, Liberation, Indigenous, and Ecopsychologies. 


(Clinical Supervisor - Rachel Cazavilan, LPC License C4733)

How I Can Help

Gender Liberation | LGBTQIA+ | Identity Exploration &

Self-Making | Intergenerational Trauma | PTSD | Relationships 

Exploring & Healing Systemic Harm | Re-establishing relationship with the body | Depression | Anxiety

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