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Parent Support and Therapy 

Image by Suzi Kim

What is it?
Parenting support and therapy is a specialized offering focused on assisting parents with the difficult moments and aspects of parenting. Parenting therapy can help clients process and manage any previous experiences that may be impacting their parenting practice or how they relate to their child(ren), their adopted or foster child(ren), or their step child(ren). Your therapist will assist you with identifying and working towards goals to improve your parenting experience and relationship with your child(ren), now matter how old they are.

How you know if Parenting Therapy could help you?


  • You struggle connecting to your child(ren)

  • You are a new parent

  • Your child(ren) seem to be having a hard time

  • You are struggling to maintain your relationship, as adults.


What you can expect?

In your intake session your therapist will discuss what brings you to therapy, your goals, your current and historical relationship with your child(ren). From there, you and your therapist will make a plan for working towards your goals and will begin the process of reaching them. In subsequent sessions, your therapist may also facilitate activities or exercises with you during therapy and may provide you with materials or resources to look over or complete between sessions. You may feel nervous before your first session and that is completely normal. Rest assured your therapist will meet you with compassion and understanding throughout the course of your therapeutic partnership.

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