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Therapy Sessions


Individual and Couples Therapy

Right now things feel overwhelming and unpredictable. You feel stressed and uncertain. Maybe this doesn't just disrupt your own sense of wellbeing, but it's impacting your most important relationships too.

Left Coast Wellness offers therapy for you and your important relationships.  

Adults | Teens | Kids 10+


Parenting Support and Therapy 

Parenting has never felt more challenging than it does right now. You want to get it right, but feel like you're just throwing things at problems, hoping something works. Maybe you're parenting your own kids, someone else's kids, or a combination of both. 

Left Coast Wellness offers therapy for parents...because there's no manual for these kids.

Adults | Couples


LGTBQ+ and Gender Affirming Therapy

None of us can escape the challenges of every day life right now. But if you're part of the Queer, Trans, or non-binary communities you may be feeling exceptional stress, discrimination, disconnection from your true self, and challenges with esteem.

Left Coast Wellness offers affirming and accepting therapy for the most authentic version of you.

Adults | Teens | Kids 10+


Supervision &

You went to school to learn a trade, and you're probably really good at it! But no one taught you about owning your own business or running a private practice. You feel like you may be missing some important things. Your journey to licensure may also require Clinical Supervision.

Left Coast Wellness offers Supervision and Consultation to help you excel in Private Practice. 


Professionals | Students

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