Anti-Oppression Statement

Anti-Oppression Statement

In our practice, we seek to work from a place of cultural humility and to bring an anti-oppression lens to bear on our work with all our clients. We value relationships and approach our work with respect for all.

We strive, in both perspectives and practices, to work consciously and consistently to challenge historic patterns of marginalization and oppression including racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination in all its forms.

We acknowledge that our own experiences and privilege can create obstacles to compassion and anti-oppression work in therapy and we are committed to continual and ongoing growth.

We take responsibility for making a safe space for your voice, listening deeply to your experiences, stories, and histories, while being sensitive to each other’s perspectives and identities.

May we work together to achieve collective liberation, equitable power, and creative peace.

Anti-Oppression Practice is a clear theoretical and value base that promotes:

  • Egalitarianism and power-sharing; 
  • An understanding of one’s social location and how it informs relationships and practice behaviors; 
  • Challenging existing social relationships in which privileged groups maintain power and influence over less privileged groups; 
  • Specific practice behaviors and relationships that minimize power imbalances and promote equity and empowerment for users of service.  

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